We Will Be The City

We partnered with the San Francisco Planning Department to develop ‘We Will Be The City’, an installation on the site of a dilapidated, asphalt lot of a former elementary school in San Francisco. The overall project, Playland at 43rd , transforms the underutilized site to test new ideas and programs to offer the community various ways to come together. The new Playland site now houses community gardens, a pavilion, artist-in- residency spaces and a skateboard park.

The installation ‘We Will Be The City’ (WWBTC), with an ambitious schedule and budget, includes 37,000 linear feet of colorful paracord that weaves around the different programs of Playland to define space, create canopies and communicate with the community. Each end of the paracord (approximately 1,350 connections) were ferruled, cut and burnt to fasten each in place. The suspended canopies dance in the wind, glow against sunset skies and cast graphic shadows throughout the day, drawing guests to explore, rest, play and gather.