NaCl Array

A field of towers marks the WIPP site and grows over time, spanning multiple generations. This is accomplished through passing on culture and knowledge of building through storytelling. Builders and residents of the NaCL Array mine the abundant salt deposits on site for construction material. The passing of time is expressed through the natural erosion of the towers. As the array grows outwards, the perimeter remains intact. The journey from exterior to interior reveals both the history of the site and its inhabitant's intergenerational mission to protect public safety.

At any point in time whether it's 2049 or 6049, the experience of the approach remains the same. Because the outer boundary of the NaCL Array is constantly growing the perimeter towers will always be the most recently constructed. The warning remains the same regardless of how much time has passed.

As people journey deeper into the field, they witness the aging and decaying of the towers. The gradient of erosion is an indication of the amount of time that has passed and the generations of inhabitants that have taken part in this historic ritual.