Mirrored Systems Act III

NONAPS was selected for the Village Artist in Residency program with the Asian Art Museum during the summer of 2018. This was the third of three installations delivered over the course of the residency. The perimeter columns grew into a grid that occupied the entire site. Participants were encouraged to work within the grid to find a space for themselves and the reflective tubes. With the introduction of the grid, the experience became a more solitary one; all interactions were disrupted by the field of columns. The solitude was broken by the mirrored tubes that wove through the site, providing fleeting reflections of people and the city. From the outside, the grid was uniform and imposing. On the inside, the grid was carved away revealing a colorful, unique interior experience.

The materials used were 2 mil MET PET/LLDPE tubing, 2 mil mylar film, sonotubes, packing tape, and artificial grass.